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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey, it's summer again! Well, not it in Germany jet. The last days were about 20°C and the weather was changing every 10 minutes. So as not to miss a real summer, I'm planning at the moment a 3000km trip to southern Europe with my girlfriend and my Panda;-) More details on that coming soon.

At the moment my Panda is going great, I'm very happy with the Koni suspension. Race through corners is fun again. And at the same time the comfort has improved, making longer trips a joy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech blog: KONI Sport shock absorber

We all know that the original Panda 100 HP suspension could be better. Just because the suspension is hard it does not mean that it is a sports suspension @Fiat ;-P After I have installed already  Novitec Springs and rear KONI SRT shock absorbers , the front had to be renewedI decided to have the KONI SPORT shock absorbers (yellow) for the front . They are twice as expensive as the orange SRTs (I paid 330 € for the yellow SPORTs), but they are high quality and adjustable.
Now that I drive the KONIs, I do not regret my decision. The KONI shock absorbers are a dream. I do not know if the old ones were so bad already, or the KONISs are just as good!  
The KONI qualitiy is one of the best in the world. The shocks are way faster than the low quality FIAT puts in. You can drive sportier, and also get a little bit more comfort. And the best part of it is, that you can adjust them like you want it,softer or harder.

I can recommend the KONI SPORT shock absorbers every 100HP driver who wants to improve the comfort AND the performance from his 100HP suspension.
It is a good feeling to have the best shock absorbers on the market :-)

Here is an old original one and a new KONI. There are small differences, but it fits.

New original link stabilisers from FIAT (100HP version) 

 With this removable knob you can adjust the shock absorber. You can rotate it by 720 °, the more you turn the harder it becomes.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Panda gets a rally sound

Actually, I was always happy with the sound of my Panda. Discreetly but sporty. I started to think about it when I saw some Youtube videos from Panda 100HPs or 500 Abarth with sports exhausts. Actually I would not mind if my car sounds a little bit like a rally car ;-). 
 On the Internet I found a Magneti Marelli replacement center pipe(SS500C, not street legal!) for about 90 . A fair price, because it is with the flex pipe.
When the pipe was finally installed, I was stoked. A significant difference from before

When I was driving than, I realized that it sounds different inside then outside. Inside, it's more bassy and you can't hear the bubble of the exhaust. When the exhaust is warm, it is also too loud because the rear muffler is old. I drive around with it now, because I don't drive long distance, but soon I have to buy a new muffler, so it is a little quieter again. ;-)
Here is a sound check and some photos of the new center pipe.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A new look

Actually, it all started with a scratched summer rim. I brought it to the painter. Unfortunately he did not manage to hit the right color of the original summer rim. So I had to think of something else

I have often heard of the new PLASTIDIP spray, for example from Foliatec. Because you can quickly remove it completely if you do not like it, I decided to try it out.

Bright colors such as red, green or yellow are not my taste. I found a dark gray metallic that would go well with the black of my Panda. The painting was really easy, so I decided to paint the silver mirrors also. I am very satisfiedith with the result :-) . The Panda now has a more evil look than before. And when it eventually gets boring, I can simply remove the foil and try a new color ;-)
More photos coming soon here on the blog.