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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last winter days

It's March and spring is coming closer and closer. The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising continously. I'm looking forward to the summer wheels. They are still at the painter to repair some damage. In order to shorten the time you up to the summer, I have some warming sunset photos for you. Enjoy it

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The rooftop

This weekend was sunny spring weather again, even though it's still February. On the way to a buddy I have seen a company car park. Since it was Sunday, it was almost completely empty and it looked as if no one was there. I was looking after such a "Rooftop parking"location for a long time. The entrance was open so I took my chance and drove to the upper level. I was totally happy, great weather and a great location with a cool radio tower. But after about 5 minutes and 15 photos, I heard a "Ey, You there!" I turned around, and unfortunately there was the security service of the company. "This is private property, leave it now!" Since it was his right and I wanted no trouble, I just said "Ok!" and got back into my Panda and drove on. 
Well, shit happens! Now I have to search again for such a cool location.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

The eye of a fish.

Anyone interested in photography, will sooner or later come across a fisheye lens. This lens allows a viewing angle up to a 180 °, similar to the eye of a fish. Some do not like this kind of photos, but others like me love it. You just get so much more on a photo
In January I had some money left, so I bought a fisheye lens after thinking a long time about it. During the last days, I have shot lots of photos. Some have become good, some not. But it's all about the fun of taking pictures. And the more often you do something, the better you get at it ;-)

P.S.: Sorry about the dirty Panda, at minus degrees I do not go into the car wash.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tech Blog: Rear brake upgrade

I have told you in the last blog that the rear brakes make some problems. Maybe you know it from your Panda. The rear brakes squeaks and scratches. The reason for this is that the brake caliper is not sliding back completely. So there is a contact between the discs and the pads. On the internet I have read a report of a Panda 100HP owner. He has installed a repair kit. So I ordered the same kit and built it in. Here are a few photos for explaining:

The old brake caliper guide bolt

Here you can see the troublemaker, the little plastic thing (red arrow) brakes and causes that the caliper can`t go back completely.

 Here is the new repair kit. You can see that there is no plastic on it. Thats the same kit I have installed. No worry, in the list is no Fiat PAnda 100HP, but I researched it with an carparts software and it fits 100%.

The new kit is installed. Everything fits perfectly.
 A new pair of brake discs and pads fitted. Now everything works again like new.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter at last..

The long wait has an end. The temperature dropped into minus. And finally, the first snow too. Driving in the snow with my Panda make me so much fun. Especially the wide 195 tires prove to be very sporty and secure in the winter time. But what I have to take necessarily in attack, is the rear brake. It has the typical Panda problem, it grinds and squeaks. But I've already bought a repair kit for the calipers, which should eliminate these problems. It only needs to be installed. Then I need not feel guilty to use the parking brake anymore ;-)

Thursday, January 9, 2014


This December, the global warming has done its best. No snow as last year december. Instead, 10 ° C and sun. Do not get me wrong, I don't like the cold, especially if you have to drive to work every morning and the whole car is frozen. But I like the snow and the fun you can have with a car on it ;-)
Here you have a small selection of pictures from December. Normally I wash my car before I photograph it, but this time I found the rally look ok :-)