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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Panda roadtrip: Part II (Italy)

After Austria we got to Italy, the home of Fiat :-) We both have never been there, so we were very excited. For the first stop, we chose the sunken bell tower at Lago di Resia. I have seen a photo of it when planning the trip, and I had to see it. It was busy with tourists but still a unique view.  
Then we went across the regional roads through northern Italy, passing Merano and Bolzano. From there we went on the Italian highway in the direction of Lake Garda. When we arrived in Riva del Garda in the evening, after a nine hour drive, it was already dark and it was raining. 

Luckily in the next four days, we had  sunny, summer weatherRiva del Garda, and the whole Garda area is beautiful. The mountains, the lake, the nature and beautiful architecture make it to one of the most beautiful places in Europe. As a petrolhead I naturally loved the curvy roads around the lake. I think my Panda liked it too ;-). I never saw so many Pandas. You see one on every corner. Old ones, new ones, 4x4s, Cross Pandas... but a 100Hp is still something special here. On the whole roadtrip I just saw two 100HPs! One italian and a white one from Germany, driving on the italian highway. I had to laugh when I saw him. I was not the only idiot with this idea. ;-D
We also spent one day in Venice. We parked the Panda right next to Venice in the Tronchetto parking garage. It was about 20€ a day. After a short walk you get to the boats to Venice. Venice is a very beautiful and unique place you have to see once in your live. I would have liked to stay longer to see more than the typical tourist spots but we had just one day. So in the evening we've got to go back to our hotel.

In Riva del Garda we stayed in the "Hotel Deva". A small hotel run by a very nice family. Not the most modern hotel but we felt good there. It is a little above the city, so we had a nice view on Riva. They also have a great restaurant. The food was very delicious, especially the pizza. :-D
After four wonderful days,
we were honestly sad to go away from there! But we had to move on. The next destination was Croatia
More about that, in the third part coming soon...

The sunken bell tower at Lago di Resia

Ferrari 456
Good morning Riva del Garda! The view from our Hotel "Deva" was awesome!

Riva del Garda, a beatiful place.
Audi doing some promotion at the habor of Riva. The RS6 is a sick family car ;-)

Nice parking.

One of many tunnels on the east side of Lake Garda.
I love the mountain roards around Lake Garda.

At night you have a great view from the Hotel Deva.

On the bridge to Venice.

Two classics at the Tronchetto parking garage.

Italian double.
Ciao, Venecia!

Nice view at Lake Garda.

Look what we've got here, another german 100HP :-) More of this one in the third part coming soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Panda roadtrip: Part I (Germany & Austria)

This year my girlfriend and I decided to make a road trip in our holiday. Like last year, when we went to Poland to the Baltic Sea coast in my Panda 100HP. But this time our trip should be slightly longer, and lead us to the south of Europe.  
We decided that Italy and Lake Garda, should be our first destination. We both have never been to Italy, and we heard that Lake Garda is a real beautiful place there. After a few days in Riva del Garda, we wanted to make a daytrip to Venice, a must see in Italy. The final destination of our trip was Porec in Croatia. That should be our beach vacation.
Honestly, I often had doubts if my Panda 100HP is the right car for such a long trip. Afterwards, I can say that I do not regret it. It was partially exhausting, but also a little adventure with lots of memories. Now I can show you a few of them. In the first part, I show you a few photos from Germany and Austria.
Our route, we planed 3000km, in the end it were 3600km in 11 days.

The Panda trunk
I bought a seat cover for more comfort
Also the rear seat has been fully used to fit everything.
A short brake.
Another brake.
German Autobahn.

Finally we made it to Munich. The Allianz Arena is the stadium of 2013 champions league winner , FC Bayern München
Munich is a beautiful city with a lot of tradition. But also very international with the tourists from all over the world. The famous Oktoberfest takes place here.
Its not the Oktoberfest but also famous: The "Hofbräuhaus" Beer, food and folk music. Jummy :-)


Traffic jam somewhere in Bavaria, on the way to the Alps.

Wow, what a panorama. Too bad the weather was not good.

Lunch brake on our way through the Alps.

Some of the beautiful views in Austria.
This was a real highlight, the view at the Inntal was amazing. We took a mountain road there, which gave us a nice "Monte Carlo Rally" feeling. One of the coolest roads on our trip. And super fun to drive with the Panda.

Coming soon:
ITALY, Part 2 of our Roadtrip.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey, it's summer again! Well, not it in Germany jet. The last days were about 20°C and the weather was changing every 10 minutes. So as not to miss a real summer, I'm planning at the moment a 3000km trip to southern Europe with my girlfriend and my Panda;-) More details on that coming soon.

At the moment my Panda is going great, I'm very happy with the Koni suspension. Race through corners is fun again. And at the same time the comfort has improved, making longer trips a joy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech blog: KONI Sport shock absorber

We all know that the original Panda 100 HP suspension could be better. Just because the suspension is hard it does not mean that it is a sports suspension @Fiat ;-P After I have installed already  Novitec Springs and rear KONI SRT shock absorbers , the front had to be renewedI decided to have the KONI SPORT shock absorbers (yellow) for the front . They are twice as expensive as the orange SRTs (I paid 330 € for the yellow SPORTs), but they are high quality and adjustable.
Now that I drive the KONIs, I do not regret my decision. The KONI shock absorbers are a dream. I do not know if the old ones were so bad already, or the KONISs are just as good!  
The KONI qualitiy is one of the best in the world. The shocks are way faster than the low quality FIAT puts in. You can drive sportier, and also get a little bit more comfort. And the best part of it is, that you can adjust them like you want it,softer or harder.

I can recommend the KONI SPORT shock absorbers every 100HP driver who wants to improve the comfort AND the performance from his 100HP suspension.
It is a good feeling to have the best shock absorbers on the market :-)

Here is an old original one and a new KONI. There are small differences, but it fits.

New original link stabilisers from FIAT (100HP version) 

 With this removable knob you can adjust the shock absorber. You can rotate it by 720 °, the more you turn the harder it becomes.